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Wahenga is a non-profit organisation based in Africa, which focuses on strengthening livelihoods by fighting hunger, poverty and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Wahenga provides a range of technical and management services to governments, donors, development agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society more generally, political parties and the private sector.

Our thematic areas of expertise include: Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis; Information Management; Mapping and Data Management; Livelihoods Monitoring and Evaluation; Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building; Food and nutrition security; Social Protection; and HIV/AIDS and Gender.

The following expertise is available on a full time basis:

Dr Sithabiso Gandure

Sithabiso GandureDr Sithabiso Gandure is a Livelihoods and Development Specialist. She has extensive experience working in Southern and East Africa with governments, donors and development organizations on various developmental issues: climate change vulnerability and adaptation, agriculture development, food and nutrition security, HIV and AIDS, gender and children’s rights. Her strategic thinking, tactful approach to delicate negotiations and human understanding are key for planning, policy development and analysis; institutional arrangements; livelihoods and climate change project design; and project monitoring and evaluation systems.




Charles Rethman
South Africa

Charles RethmanMr Charles Rethman is an Information Management Specialist. He has strong analysis skills, combining livelihoods (including that of the HEA framework), food security data, poverty and development indicators with mapping and data warehousing tools. With a penchant for technical innovation, he is able to create models that push the application of these tools into new areas or to work with varied data sources (such as remote sensing, nutrition or climate change data) in solving food security problems. He possesses a sound knowledge of programming, GIS, databasing and has exposure to modern open-source applicationsand systems.

James Acidri


James AcidriMr James Acidri is a Livelihoods and Food Security Specialist with knowledge, skills and insight for effective management of assessments and analyses. His perceptive acumen is essential for training, field leadership and analysis, which he uses to build early warning, vulnerability and food security information systems through effective management and team work. His specific areas of specialisation include using evidence-based analysis to inform response through appropriate design and implementation of well integrated livelihood and food security programs drawing on key synergies for purposes of achieving integrated and self-sustaining programs.



Colleen Anderson
South Africa

Colleen AndersonMs Colleen Anderson is a fund raiser, administrator, and systems specialist: managing vast and complex projects, building systems, controlling finances. Her tact, attention to detail and breadth of experience combine to make her a potent organiser and project manager. Colleen is also skilled at troubleshooting and organisational development, as well as events management, ensuring that multifarious international conferences run smoothly, allowing delegates to focus on the issues at hand.

The following associates augment the team with additional skills:

Dr Hannock Kumwenda

Dr Hannock Kumwenda is a multi-skilled and self-motivated professional Economist with over 23 years’ experience in formulating, financing, monitoring and evaluating development policies and projects, and with advanced research and analytical qualifications in economics. About 20 of these years were spent with Malawi’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Development rising from the entry professional level to senior technical and management levels.


Carla Monteiro

Carla MonteiroMs Carla Monteiro is an Agricultural Engineer who has worked in rural development and is skilled and qualified as a coordinator and supervisor for research teams, managing human and financial resources and planning and monitoring activities in headquarters and in the field. She has experience in the private sector, state and NGOs and has taken part in food security assessments in  Mozambique (Coastal Nampula and Zambézia provinces, Limpopo and Zambezi Basins) and in the Angola livelihood zoning. Under the Challenge Project of Water and Food in the Limpopo Basin, she designed a model and role-playing game called "mabulu kuyacana", based on the companion modelling approach for discussing impacts of regime changes of natural resources on food security. She has practical experience in using participatory approaches; optimisation and statistical packages; fluency in Portuguese, and English.

A sra. Carla Monteiro é Engenheira Agrónoma, com carreira em desenvolviemto rural. Ela tem experiência em coordenação e supervisão de equipas de pesquisa, na gestão de recursos humanos e financeiros, e no planeamento e monitoria de de actividades no escritório e no campo, adquiridas no trablaho com empresas do sector privado, estatal e com organizações não governamentais. Actualmente tem estado envolvida em trabalhos com a abordagem Household Economy Approach, tendo participado em avaliações de segurança alimentar em  Moçambique (Zonas coateiras das províncias de  Nampula e  Zambézia, Bacias do Limpopo e Zambeze) e no zoneamento dos modos de subsistência do centro e norte de Angola. Sob o projecto da Bacia do Limpopo, enquadrado no Challenge Project of Water and Food do CIRAD, ela desenhou o modelo e jogo de representação de papeis "mabulu kuyacana", baseado na abordagem Companion Modeling para discutir o impacto de mudanças de regime decorrentes da superexploração dos recursos naturais, na segurança alimentar. Carla tem experiência prática na utilização de pacotes estatísticos e de optimização; é fluente em Português e comunicável em  Inglês.

Competencies   Resources


  • Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis;
  • Information Management;
  • Mapping and Data Management;
  • Livelihoods Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building
  • Food and nutrition security
  • Social Protection
  • HIV/AIDS and Gender

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  • Climate Change
  • Household Economy Reports
  • Training Material
  • Presentations and Publications

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