Technical Support: Our Track Record

We have been actively engaged in the region since our inception. The following are some of the projects that we have completed:

Project Description Duration Funder Amount (in ZAR)
The Case of the Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools 2009, Jul - Dec         FAO/WFP 200,480
PRP Review: Zimbabwe Protracted Relief Programme (PRP) - Mid Term Review of Social Protection component 2010, Aug - Nov         DFID Zimbabwe 117,571
SADC Regional Agricultural Policy - Pre Feasibility Study of Social & Vulnerability Issues 2011, Jan - Apr FAO/SADC 549,623 
3rd European Forum on Rural Development (Palencia, Spain) - Preparation and organisation of working session on Social Protection & Food Security 2011, Feb - Apr Instituto de Estudios del Hambre/EC 94,500
Zimbabwe Department of Social Services - Capacity Building and Policy Formulation support on Social Transfers 2011, Mar - Aug World Bank/Multi-Donor Trust Fund  290,000

Zimbabwe PWP Study

2011, Jun - Dec DFID/Masdar 220,542 
MVAC Funding document & Strategic Plan 2011, Jul - Aug  DFID Malawi 184,627 
SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis Programme 2012, Jan - 2013, Aug DFID Southern Africa 19,873,548 
SAVAC Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plan, 2014-2015  2014, Jan - Mar  SADC RVAA/DFID